The Fuller Wealth Philosophy

We believe wealth is relative and the possibility of achieving financial independence may be more achievable than you believe.

The opportunity to achieve superior investment results that lead to your goals lies not in attempting to outperform the market, but in establishing and adhering to an appropriate long-term investment approach that employs broadly diversified and low-cost passive investment strategies.

The investment philosophy and processes we use are deeply rooted in empirical data and years of academic research conducted at the University of Chicago, Yale, Stanford, MIT and other renowned academic institutions. The underlying investment theories are complex, but in their simplest terms, our investment approach is built on an asset allocation designed to capture the market’s return and historical movement.

Fuller Wealth Principles and Beliefs:

Markets Are in Equilibrium

  • Security prices reflect all available information and the collective opinions of market
  • Active investment strategies are often touted, yet rarely produce long term consistent results.

Diversification Is Essential

  • Diversification reduces uncertainty.
  • Concentrated investments add risk, with no additional expected return.

Risk and Return Are Related

  • Exposure to meaningful risk factors determines expected return.
  • Asset allocation along with size, value, and market dimensions primarily determine the returns of a broadly diversified portfolio.

Control What You Can

  • Maintain discipline and have a long-term view of investing.
  • Consider expenses and tax efficiency of investment vehicles.