Investment Management

How can you achieve your lifetime goals while taking care of short-term needs?

Our Investment Advisory Services develop an investment strategy to help you deal head-on with the challenges of today’s ever changing capital markets environment.

We apply a methodology – a game plan – to the process of managing your investments, which is critical to achieving your goals.

  • Risk Tolerance – establishing the level of investment risk you are willing to assume.
  • Development of your individual investment strategies – beginning with a complete picture of your current situation, needs and goals.
  • Asset allocation targets – taking into account your loss tolerance, desired rate of return and investment strategy.
  • Investment policy statement development – providing a specific plan for investing your money.
  • Mutual fund or money manager searches – evaluating funds and managers against your requirements.
  • Tactical implementation – maximizing the after-tax return on your portfolio.
  • Portfolio performance and investment market monitoring – achieving your investment objectives requires constant monitoring of your total portfolio. Quarterly, you receive a performance report that monitors your progress towards achieving your investment goals.
  • Coordination of all your investment assets – focusing on your entire portfolio, not just specific assets.
  • Portfolio re-balancing – realigning your portfolio with your asset allocation strategy as needed including evaluating the tax consequences. This strategy causes you to systematically buy low and sell high.
  • Review – during our periodic review we answer any new questions you may have, we integrate new research, products and tax law changes, and we learn about your updated goals. We do this so you can continue to make informed decisions and we can update your strategy so it stays optimized, prudent, low cost, and tax smart.